2008 Update

2008 has been a great year so far. My son, Easton, turned 1 on February 7th which was a lot of fun. He started walking when he was 9 ½ months old so he is really on the move. He has a great nature – always smiling, and wants to make others smile and laugh but is he ever busy! He is not afraid of anything and already teasing his big sister.

Greta turned 4 on May 19th. She has really grown up and is such fun. She was in playschool for 2 mornings a week this year which was a lot of fun for her. She also took ballet and just recently had her dance recital at Jack Singer. It was so wonderful to see her in her costume up on stage performing in front of so many. I was so proud of her! Greta has always loved ALL her dolls (and there are many) but still loves cuddling her little brother – until he pulls her hair and laughs! To make matters even busier we have a new puppy, Ernie, who is 8months old. He is already 60lbs and very tall but a great dog. He is a golden doodle so has a great nature, and doesn’t shed!

I am so proud to be co-hosting the CBC show Countdown to Beijing. It is a great show that features so many of Canada’s great athletes that will be performing in Beijing this August. If you are interested in seeing who will be representing our great country at these summer Games, please tune in every Monday at 7:30pm!

I have always loved everything to do with people and sports and am proud to continue to be so involved in both. I love the motivational speaking that I do – I love to meet so many new people and travel all over this great country of ours. I also am very involved in trying to continue to make a difference in sport by being involved in many sport boards.

This past June, I accomplished a first for me……I ran my first half marathon! Considering my event used to last 37 seconds, I was very proud to have accomplished this goal. Many people asked what made me do a half? I needed to set a goal that was so difficult and so different than anything I had ever done and this was it! I entered the edge to edge in Tofino/Ucluelet and it was gorgeous. It was very hilly but I accomplished my goal and ran it in 2hrs 13min.

I am looking forward to the next couple of months. I will be continuing to follow the summer Olympians as they prepare for Beijing. I will also be sharing my story with many Canadians as I travel to various conferences. The best part of the summer will be spending it with my kids as they play and continue to learn new things.

Catriona Le May Doan